Consultancy Services

Experience, Expertise, Solutions.

Consultation that provides a unique and unparalleled perspective, professional expertise, representation, analysis and recommendations to foster carers and providers across the UK. Objective trouble shooting and strategies to solve and prevent issues and improve performance.

“Sarah has a combination of direct experience, knowledge and expertise that is wholly unique in the world of fostering in the UK in 2021. She not only talks the talk, she walks the walk - as a foster carer, advocate and confidant; going above and beyond for those foster carers who need her guidance and support. In my opinion, nobody has the breadth and depth of knowledge that Sarah has built up about how fostering has actually been working - and not working – in practice over the past decade in the UK.

Her expertise is grounded in years of professional training, decades of working directly with young people and carers and hours of listening to the experiences of foster carers the length and breadth of the country. Sarah knows when to listen and when to challenge, when to speak out and when to reflect. She is determined and resilient, consistently respectful and rigorously professional, always child-centred and considerate of the bigger picture and long-term goals.”